Thursday, June 2, 2011

My TBR Alphabet

Okay, well I got this from over at Book World in My Head, but I’m changing it up a little bit. She’s doing hers as a challenge but for me I think it would just be fun to see if I could come up with a book/author for each letter that I wanted to read!

So, my A-Z list goes like this: the letter has to correspond to the author’s last name and it can be any type of book I want it to be (fiction, non-fiction, bio, whatever! my blog, my rules!). Let’s see if I can come up with a TBR list as long as the alphabet…

A – Atwood, Margaret: The Blind Assassin
B – Butler, Octavia: Kindred
C – Chopin, Kate: The Awakening
D – Du Maurier, Daphne: My Cousin Rachel
E – Eggers, Dave: Zeitoun
F – Flaubert, Gustave: Madame Bovary
G – Grann, David: The Lost City of Z
H – Housseini, Khaled: The Kite Runner
I – Isben, Henrik: A Doll’s House
J – Junger, Sebastian: A Death in Belmont
K – Krakauer, Jon: Into Thin Air
L – Larson, Erik: In the Garden of Beasts
M – Maugham, W. Somerset: Liza of Lambeth
N – Nitsch, Gunter: Weeds Like Us
O – O’Brien, Tim: The Things They Carried
P – Plath, Sylvia: The Bell Jar
Q – Baaaah! I can’t think of one :(
R – Rand, Ayn: Atlas Shrugged
S – Shakespeare, William: King Lear
T – Toole, John Kennedy: A Confederacy of Dunces
U – Uruburu, Paula: American Eve (this was a tough one!)
V – Vonnegut, Kurt: Slaughterhouse Five
W – Walker, Alice: The Color Purple (I’ll be starting this soon)
X – Xinran: Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother (wow, I actually had an x!)
Y – Oh no, no y’s either?
Z – Zamyatin, Yevgeny: We

Well, that was tough in some spots. I ALMOST got a complete list. Anyone know any good ones for Q and Y?


Red said...

I'm just super impressed you got an X author. Bravo! I went with Yates for my Y author (thank you Lit degree) but don't know about a Q.

Sarah said...

I've got Kate Quinn's Mistress of Rome on mine, and The Corpse Walker by Liao Yiwu

llevinso said...

Ah Yeats, that's a good one. Yeah, the X was really random. Yay me!

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

There is a lot of great stuff on this list. "King Lear" is my all-time favorite tragedy. Good choice. Ibsen is excellent as well.

Karen said...

I think if I was doing it again I would do it your way. Planning ahead too. I would only plan as far as one or two. Sometimes I would just browse the book shop first before deciding. You should add the proviso that you can change your mind about a particular book. Vanity Fair was originally going to be my T. After the first hundred or so pages I hated the book so much I gave up.

Loved Blind Assassin and The Colour Purple.

Teacher/Learner said...

Neat idea! I tried this out, too. Here's my post. I couldn't get X or Y, but Red's suggestion of Richard Yates is a good one (Revolutionary Road is on my TBR list somewhere).

llevinso said...

@Karen Wojcik Berner, being the huge Shakespeare fan I am I cannot BELIEVE I have yet to read Lear. Hmmm, maybe I should make that a plan for this summer…

@Karen, yeah, my TBRs change all the time. It kind of just depends on my mood, you know?

@T/L, I loved the movie Revolutionary Road and heard the book was great too, but I have such problems reading books after seeing the movies. Rar.

Audra said...

Okay, for 'Y', I highly recommend Hong Ying's Summer of Betrayal or K: The Art of Love or Marguerite Yourcenar's Memoirs of Hadrian. Oh, or Shay Youngblood's Black Girl in Paris.

For 'Q'...I got nothing.

I'm desperate to read the new translation of Madame Bovary.

llevinso said...

Oh I love recommendations! Thanks Audra, I'll look these up :)

Bonnie Jacobs said...

Q ~ Quindlen

Have you ever read any of Anna Quindlen's books? One True Thing is probably my favorite of her novels, and I've read her some of her nonfiction as well -- like Living Out Loud, a collection of her newspaper columns.

You and I seem to be interested in the same kind of books, judging by the fact that I've read lots and lots of the ones you listed here.

llevinso said...

No I’ve never heard of her. I’ll have to look her up!

And I’m happy to announce that I recently bought my “A” book and finished my “W” book, so I’m on my way!