Monday, April 18, 2011

Cover Art Part II

Sorry for the extended absense loyal followers. I should've mentioned it (and if you follow me on Twitter you probably saw) but I was out of town. But now I'm back! Woohoo!

I know you missed me and my witty greatness, am I right? So I didn't get to post my review last week so now this week I owe you two reviews. I promise I'll try to get to them as soon as I can. I swear!

For today's post I figured I post some more classic book cover art, since it got such a great response last time.

Let's take a look this time around at my favorite book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte:

Going left to right from the top to bottom...this is the one I've seen the most actually. Very simple.

Next, I think this is the Penguin Deluxe Edition that's come out. Interesting and I like how it makes it feel eerie, as it should. However, there is no winding peak tower hill thingy in Jane Eyre...

Now the next is the cover I own. Very Victorian I think. A tad boring though.

The last in the top row is very different. I don't know about the smoke, is that supposed to be a face? Not sure.

First on the second row is obviously the movie tie-in. I always avoid these covers like the plague. I don't know why they just bother me.

Next...I have no idea. This I think is supposed to be like those Twilight books in here and why I do not know. It has nothing to do with the book at all.

Second to last is just a simple outline of Jane which I actually find very interesting. Kind of a good methaphor for the book.

And lastly we have this weird cover that kind of looks like any modern romance novel. I don't like it. And again, what do roses have to do with Jane Eyre?

So what is your favorite? Least favorite? Discsus!

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Sarah said...

I do like the artwork no row 1 #2, but I agree it doesn't really have much to do with the book. I think I have the one you have though.

Upside of movie tie in covers is that the bookstores tend to reduce the price on these once the movie hype dies off, so can get a good price on them (my borders is doing that now with the Dan Brown movie tie ins)

Anonymous said...

I actually own the second to last one on the second row-- the Vintage cover with just Jane's silhouette. I love this series of Vintage covers and how simple this one is.

I, also, avoid movie-based covers. I will go so far as to not buy the book and look for a different version later if that is the only cover on the shelf.

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

i like the silouette the best! :D
movie covers leave me cold as well...i will admit that sometimes i buy them for the prettiness, though.

bookspersonally said...

Oooh, to me, that rose one is awful! But I wonder if it attracts readers (romance, young adult readers, perhaps?) that might not otherwise check out Jane Eyre? So it could be a good thing.

Red said...

I like the yellow one, top right. I don't know what the smoke stuff is but I think it looks pretty.

I'm not a huge fan of the first or third one on the top row (sorry!). Just not my style.

llevinso said...

@Sarah, good point about the movie tie-in covers being cheaper after the hype has gone away. Never thought of that!

@treesandink and Stephanie, I really like that silhouette the more and more I look at it.

@books, I think that has to be who they’re trying to lure in there.

@Red, I’m not really a fan of the cover I have either. I only bought that one because it was the cheapest there was in the store and, as you know, I’m pretty broke, haha!

Red said...

Haha Oh I know buying a certain cover cos it's the cheapest one! Hence my super bright green Pride & Prejudice :)