Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic Five Friday!

Welcome back to my Fantastic Five Friday! For this week’s meme I thought it would be fun to talk about our normal reading lives (I know, I’m such a hoot!). I mean, we can talk about great authors and poems and stories all day long, but at the end of the day, we actually have to find the time and energy and space to read them, right? And sometimes that in and of itself can be a challenge! Especially with my lovely kitty trying to cram her little behind right in front of my face every time there’s a book in front of me (“no Mommy, pay attention to me!”).

So this week we have: Fantastic Five Friday: Five Great Places to Read! And yes, I’d like to say sitting atop a lovely mountain in the quiet fog or in zen garden or on a quiet private beach, but these are REALISTIC places that I can get to in my everyday life.

On the bus going to and from work – okay it sounds not fun I’m sure (what with all those people around stepping on your toes) but this is really a great way for me to start my day. It’s only a 10-15 minute trip, depending on traffic, but just to get in that little bit of “me” time is really necessary. And after work is done it’s a great unwind as well. A nice breather.

Wherever I’m eating lunch – I get an hour break for lunch at my job and I use that time to read (and eat, obviously). I pick places that have good tables where you can sit down and aren’t too loud. That way when I’m done eating (and while I’m eating, I multi-task) I can stay and read my book. Breaking up my work day with reading helps me not dislike my job QUITE so much ;)

The dog park – this is for warmer weather but it can be the perfect place. It’s right down the street from my apartment and helps me not be a shut-in even though I have my nose in my books! I don’t own a dog but it’s nice to feel the fresh air and it’s not too loud.

While taking a nice bubble bath – this is as close to heaven as it comes to me living in a noisy city and cramped apartment. Almost every night in the winter before I go to bed I run myself a nice warm bubble bath and get in and read. Ahh…

Under the covers right before bed – I have a nice set up in my bed with comfy pillows and a good nightstand light, everything to make just before bedtime the perfect time to read a bit. My cat jumps up, puts her butt in my face until I push aside and then she’ll lay next to me and we’ll read together until we drift off towards slumberland. Sometimes her purring does get in the way of the reading though.

So there you have it, my 5 great places. What are yours?

And SheWriters that are still coming over from the blog hop, be sure to check out my Welcome post from yesterday!


Deborah Lawrenson said...

Garden, check. Bed check. We have a very cosy kitchen with an armchair next to an Aga - do you know what I mean by that? It's an iron stove for cooking and heating water that's on constantly and gives out warmth too. I pretend to be doing something more useful with food, etc, but sshhh...I've actually got my book out.

Jet-Setting Divas said...

The bed def! But that usually puts me to sleep---on the sofa, at the library, in my car on my lunch break and in the park!

vinobaby said...

My two favorite places to curl up with a book are my cozy wicker chairs on my back porch and my hammock when the weather cooperates. I just discovered I can read while on the cardio machines at the gym and that has given me some amazing motivation to get moving.

Fi said...

Great article. My reading time is minimal now I have two demonspawn *cough* children in my life. I have to make a concerted effort to find time. For me, it tends to be while I'm waiting in the car for my children to come out of school and very occasionally in bed last thing before I go to sleep. Must do better.

llevinso said...

@Deborah, I did not know what that means (but I do now!) and yes I like to be all warm and cozy when I read :)

@Jet, at my old job I used to read in my car during lunch. Ah memories!

@vinobaby (love the name by the way), I would kill for a hammock...also a back yard...

@Fi, thanks! Also LOL at demonspawn!

Brenda Kezar said...

My 5 places:
in front of my patio door when it's raining;
in my garden shed when it's raining(yep, big fan of rain);
curled up in bed while the winter wind howls outside;
in a tent by lantern light (especially good for spooky stories);
in the car while I'm waiting for my daughter after school.

Julie said...

Hi! I just found your site through the She Writes hop.

I laughed about your cat putting her butt in your fact when you read in bed, mine does the same! He seems offended that I'm paying attention to the book instead of him.
My number one place to read is the bed before I go to sleep, and I also love sitting out on the deck of my condo with my feet propped up on one of the patio chairs.

Great blog, I'm looking forward to following!

llevinso said...

@Brenda, I love how you enjoy the weather while you read!

@Julie, yes my cat gets so annoyed whenever I'm paying attention to something other than her. But after a while she'll USUALLY give up and just sit by my side and sleep.

bookspersonally said...

These are great places to read! I also love that you go to the dog park to read. (Please take my dog with you, lol!) Now that you mention it, too often I am NOT reading in my favorite places, but in the same old-same old-place. Hmm. Food for thought.