Friday, February 4, 2011

Fantastic Five Friday!

Okay so I guess it’s time to introduce a meme of sorts into this blogging thing, huh? Everyone’s got one, why don’t I? Well I’ve seen a lot of people do Top Ten Tuesdays but I’m not going to do that for a couple reasons. Number one because thinking of ten new things every week is a bit daunting at this point in time, and number two because I don’t like to rank things. I know what you’re saying “but you don’t have to rank them in order Llevinso!” I know, I know. So I came up with a compromise meme. Introducing: Fantastic Five Fridays!

Basically each Friday I’m going to list five new fantastic things (Fantastic Five Fridays means listing 5 things? Get out of town!). Maybe they’ll be, like today, five fantastic female authors I’ve had the pleasure of reading in my lifetime. Or my five favorite books of all time…or of the year…five fantastic events in literary history…the possibilities are endless (I know you’re obviously all as excited as I am, right?)!

So, to kick off this awesome meme, please get ready for: Fantastic Five Friday: Fantastic Female Authors I’ve Read.

So now I’m going back over the many many books I’ve read over the years to compile this list and I have to say, I’ve read some great stuff. This list is in no particular order but here goes:

So far she has only written three novels and I’ve read each of them: In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place (in order of publication). Let me tell you that Tana French is just getting better and better. Faithful Place was my favorite yet and I cannot wait for what she has in store for her next novel. The way she is able to fully develop such complex, sympathetic and yet still aggravatingly real characters is beyond me. I wish I had such a talent. I rarely buy new books, but when I see her next one out in hardcover, I’ll be first in line at the bookstore.

Now, I have only read one book of hers so far, this is true, but it moved me so much and I loved it so dearly that I have come to call it my favorite book of all time. That is Jane Eyre. A heroine that is complex, intelligent, determined, thoughtful and feminist? Back in those days? Love it. And she writes in such in an interesting gothic romantic mixture. It’s gripping. Villette is next…

She only wrote one book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and yet it had such an impact on American history and literature that her impact cannot be overlooked nor forgotten. Her style was beautiful and so simple: written through the eyes of a child. I would have loved to see her other works but at the same time it’s nice to see her legacy as this one story.

The two books that I have read of Sebold were very difficult to read, but well worth the effort. Lucky was a personal memoir of her own rape and recovery. Gosh, was that grim at times, but at the same time hopeful and redeeming. The Lovely Bones had a similar idea behind it. Recovering from something horrible. It was incredibly moving and I think in a way helped Sebold herself by writing it. Now, I have not read her third book, Almost Moon, and I heard not-too-great reviews of the same, but from the stuff I’ve read of her I’m more than impressed.


It has been a long long time since I’ve read any Blume books, seeing as how I’m no where near a child anymore and I have no children of my own. But I have to give credit where credit is due. This woman helped me grow up. I can’t even remember all the books I read of hers when I was younger, but there were lots! And they were amazing! She really could relate to young girls. I felt like she was in my head sometimes. And (bonus!) she’s also a great advocate of women’s rights!

So there it is, my first meme (by the way, posting today has been EXTREMELY difficult, so if I throw my computer out the window today and you never hear from me again you know why). Why'd you think? Who are your Fantastic Five Female Authors? Which ones should I pick up and read right away? Also, if you have any idea for future Fantastic Five topics, send them my way!


Brittany said...

I LOVE Judy Blume :) Keep up the awesome blog!

bookspersonally said...

Agree, neat to see Judy Blume on this list! My kids love her as well. Need to read some Tana French, keep hearing great things!

Christie said...

Great choice in Charlotte Bronte! Jane Eyre was a lovely book, wasn't it? :D

llevinso said...

So glad to see the appreciation for Blume. So many people forget about the books that shape us when we were younger and it's a shame because I think they're really important.

And yes Christie, I love love love Jane Eyre. It's my FAVORITE book :) But I'm afraid now because I have such high expectations for Villette, haha.