Monday, May 9, 2011

Feminist Book Alert!!

If you're a feminist and a book lover, as I am (duh!), then you also get really extremely excited when you're going along reading a book and you find out, dun dun dun dun, it's a feminist book!

Well I just finished a great one and I had to share. I'm waaaaay behind on book reviews because of my recent trip out of town (and overall laziness) so I have no clue when I'll get around to actually reviewing this book all you feminists out there: go buy/steal/acquire Bossypants by Tina Fey! It was such a wonderful surprise.
Now, I knew Fey was a feminist but I was not expecting this book to have such a feminist tilt to it. I mean, she even uses the words feminist and feminism SEVERAL times! It has a great message about motherhood, show business, politics... And to make it even better the book is down right hilarious.

So you heard it here (and probably many other places since this book is on the bestseller list but whatever): this book is awesome sauce. Read it now :)


picky girl said...

I can't get over how ugly that cover is. I'm talking makes me sick to look at - don't know why I have such a visceral reaction.

Definitely want to check it out.

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

picky girl, it's the meaty man hands that are doing it for me.

thanks for again pointing out a lovely non-fiction book to read, llevinso!

llevinso said...

Haha, I've heard this from other people too! I think it's funny but that might just be because I know it's Alec Baldwin's hands. But seriously don't let that stop you from reading it :)

vinobaby said...

You know I loved it, especially the Mother's Prayer.


Red said...

I'm still working on getting a review of this up as well and I was surprised how feminist this book is! And so excited because it's wonderful!!

llevinso said...

@Vinobaby, yes the Mother's Prayer was delightful. I also really liked her response to her "fan mail."

@Red, please come back and post a link to your review here once you get it done!

Red said...

Finally got my review done! When you have yours up, come link it on my post!
What Red Read: Bossypants

bookspersonally said...

Would love to read it. Would love to read it and watch Bridesmaids all in the self same day/weekend. Then catch up on Parks & Rec. The funny women of SNL do us all proud :D