Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Insanely Busy!

Yes, I know I've been gone ever since last week. Sorry all! But I had a super busy (and fun!) 4th of July weekend and then returned to the office to discover our most productive and awesomest attorney in the firm is quitting so we've all been super super extremely busy. I promise I'll get back to posting soon. I just can't right now :(

Hope you all are doing well and reading lots o' books!

P.S. - I have what I think is a pretty interesting post planned regarding Shakespeare and women coming up. Stay tuned :)


Dana said...

Can't wait for the Shakespear/women post. Sounds interesting. Don't work too hard.

Audra said...

Rest up -- glad you've been busy and having fun -- but too bad about work being insane! That's the worst!

Looking forward to your post!

Sarah...she's a dreamer said...

Hi there,
I write a blog based on books and my writing (I’m writing my first novel) called You May Say I’m a Dreamer. I found your blog on Kiwiology and have started following – great blog. Pop over to mine if you have the chance and become a follower.

Darlyn (Your Move, Dickens) said...

Hi! How are you? Just wanted to stop by and say that I miss your posts. I hope everything's okay. :)

steve said...

Thanks for pointing out that blog post -- it's always interesting to hear the writer's thoughts like that.Register Website

John Michael Cummings said...

Dear Sarcastic Female Literary Circle:

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John Michael Cummings

stephanie said...

Hi! I have been trying to find your contact information to get permission to use your cute panda logo with the blue book on a t shirt for my book club. We are making 18 t shirts and our reading club is named READING PANDA-MONIUM! They are sixth graders in Hilton, NY. We are not selling the shirts....just wearing them for our trivia contest. Thanks!

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