Thursday, March 3, 2011

Could I BE Anymore Sick?

If any of you followers out there are avid Friends fans (as I am), then you'll totally get my title (Chanadaler Bong, anyone?). Anyway...I'm sick :( It all started yesterday right around the time I posted my awesome review of Isaac's Storm. I don't know how it happened but my throat hurts, I feel feverish, my whole body aches and I want to die. And I've had to work the entire time. No taking sick days for me. It's HORRIBLE!

So since I don't think my brain is capable of composing any witty and delightfully irreverent posts today, I decided to just leave you all with cute pictures of my adorable kitty. Enjoy!

This is the first picture I ever took of her:
Aww, cute right? She looked like such an angel...then.

Now I call this her "ladylike" pose:

This is how she helped me pack before my last move:
Obviously she's tired from all the heavy lifting.

And for now, her and my mascot will bid you adieu!
Until next time :)


Wall-to-wall books said...

Oh My Gosh, soooo cute!!!!
Her and that panda are twins!
I just love a fluffy kitty!

And I totally get "Chanadaler Bong"!!! I remember that episode.

I couldn't find your kitty's name???

Hope you get feeling better, that sucks! I hate being sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm missing the friend allusion. My memory is jacked up, my brain is functioning at sub par performance and all I want to do is be able to breathe again without sneezing.

Your cat is gorgeous!

Red said...

Feel better!

Also love the Friends reference. Chandler was always my fav character :)

llevinso said...

@Wall-to-Wall, yeahh I've just been calling her kitty on here but her name is Misha. I thought it sounded nice and dainty like I thought she would be. Boy was I wrong!

@Jenny, the title is a reference to the tv show Friends and the way the character Chandler always talked. Don't sweat it, the sickness is making my brain all loopy too.

@Red, Chandler was my fave too (obviously, with the sarcasm and all).

TheyCallMeVarmit said...

She's a cute cat; the pictures are adorable. Sorry to hear you're under the weather & hope you feel better soon. :)

isabelle gregson said...

Hope you feel better soon - unless that entry was a clever if cruel impersonation by your cat and you are currently enjoying a sunny holiday in Costa Rica!

llevinso said...

@TheyCallMeVarmit, thanks! I'm trying.

@isabelle, hmmm, she does like to play around on my computer...