Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to My Blog!!

Well, this is the start, but I have to warn you all (whoever you are) that I don’t know exactly what I want this to be. I do know two things: that I’m a feminist and I’m a book lover. So those things are going to be incorporated in here. I write off the cuff most of the time so I hope that is appreciated. Right now I plan on keeping a log of the books I read and posting my reviews, good or bad. In between will be my always witty (yeah right) observations of daily life. Whatever bugs me or intrigues me I’ll be sure to try to include it for your entertainment. And maybe we’ll get some good discussion out of it in the process. Sound like a deal? Well I hope so because you can’t really respond right now so that’s too bad. 

So here goes…

I guess my first post should be about me then right? Well, I’m in my late 20s (ugh I have to say late now? that’s horrible!) and I live in Chicago. I was born and raised in Chicago but moved to Louisiana when I turned 18 and went to college down there. I loved it. New Orleans specifically is where I lived. Spent 5 glorious years there. Yes, I lived through the Hurricane. It sucked. But I was a lucky one. Don’t really want to talk about that though. After graduation I moved back to Chicago and I’ve been here ever since. I love Chicago but I never imagined I’d be back. Oh well, it’s a great city (not as great at NOLA though).
I got my BA in history at college but that’s also where I learned I was…a feminist. Now what is this crazy label of feminist you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Basically it means that I think all human beings are equal and should be treated as such (crazy I know). Unfortunately while in college I learned to start looking around at the world and see that things were not equal for everyone the way they should be and that, well, that blew. Hence the feminism. And once you start taking off those rose-colored glasses and seeing the sexism all around you and the racism and what have you, you can’t really put them back on again.

As I said, I’m also a book lover. I have been ever since I can remember and this is due in large part to my mother. I remember her reading to me when I was just a small girl. All the good books like Stuart Little, Trumpeter Swan, Charlotte’s Web, Little Women…so my interest in books was sparked very early on for which I am immensely grateful. But then once junior high and high school started I hated being told by teachers which books I HAD to read. So in response I didn’t read them. I’d still read other books on my own, but not the classics. So as of a few years ago I started reading all those books for myself, and personally I think the experience has been wonderful. I’ve been able to fully enjoy them and all for myself as opposed to doing it for a book report for school.

So I’m fully back in the reading spirit and find I can’t be satisfied unless I have a book or my Kindle in my purse.


Anonymous said...

I envy you the experience of living in New Orleans. I always wanted to live there. Have you been back since the hurricane?

llevinso said...

Yeah a couple times. Once for a bachelorette party and then again for the wedding. It was great! Wish I had more time (and money!) to go back more often though.